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What we do

At Cecilienorgaard.com we are determined to integrate research-based gender perspectives in education and culture. We promote gender equality by counteracting the root causes of gender stereotyping to help facilitate and create sustainable societies.

Our expertise is to develop ideas, consult, analyze and convey gender perspectives in education in Denmark, in the Nordic countries and throughout the European Union. We operate in diverse settings and collaborate with a broad range of actors including larger organizations such as The European Commission, The Nordic Counsel, various Danish Ministries and Municipalities, as well as Danish educational institutions, schools and kindergartens and different institutions.

Why we do it

At Cecilienorgaard.com we strive to generate awareness and critical reflection of the cultural expectations and interpretations that often takes place, but go about unnoticed, when we operate in the realms of gender and normality.

Many of us register that little something when other people act outside cultural and societal expectations, for instance of what it constitutes to be a ‘real’ girl, boy, woman or man. Very few however, consider why we react the way we do when someone do not match our expectations.

In our work, we consider the consequences of such expectations and explore the untapped potentials in more nuanced understandings of gender equality, gender diversity and normality.

What we offer is a concept of gender education. The main purpose of gender education is to figure out and pin-point where, but most importantly how gender is played out and what can be done to unleash hidden potentials in all areas of the educational system and elsewhere.


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Look into some of our Projects and Publications or check out the Visual Inspiration site. We believe that art and artistry plays a significant role in how gender diversity and gender stereotypes can be perceived and dealt with.

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